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I was born in Queens, New York to a middle-class family.  My Parents moved the family to Stony Brook, and from there to Miller Place.  I graduated from Port Jefferson High School and went on to attend Heidelberg College where I acquired a BA in music.

During my college experience I became a Christian and was active in campus ministry.  My college sweetheart and I married had two sons, and have enjoyed our 48 years together.  In those early years I answered a call to ministry.


As a Pastor, I have seen all aspects of life from births to deaths and everything in-between.  I have worked in the marketplace and in the factory.  I understand what people go through to support a family.  Earning a living while going through seminary I worked in the tool & die industry.  Planting a church while being a student, working fulltime and writing my thesis, we successfully planted a church in Holland, Michigan.  My skills of organization, management, and scholastic enterprises has given me and exceptional grasp of subjects.


For more than forty years, I have been teaching life applications from God's word, Natural Law Theory, as well as the United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights and History.  As an ordained minister I have pastored churches in Michigan and New York as well as teach internationally.


I have spoken at conferences, college campuses, and debates concerning various issues and Christian perspectives.  I am well known for my ability to explain complex subjects on a level all can understand.  Exposing life issues to scripture, I bring thoughtful insight and guidance through biblical solutions.


I am a graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary and was the director of Albany Area Biblical Counseling.  Currently I serve as the Pastor at Restoration Christian Community in Allegan Michigan, where my wife and I have resided for the last twelve years. I am member of the Evangelical Theological Society, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, The Thomas Torrance Fellowship and President of the Bonhoeffer Form for Church and Culture. 

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