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An Invitation to Join West Michigan Liberty Pastors

Who are the West Michigan Liberty Pastors?

We are an association of patriotic Michigan clergy who have convened to support, challenge, and reform civil government. Early American history documents the crucial role of courageous pastors who guided our founding fathers on biblical principles of governance, freedom, and freedom of religion. These fearless clerics were called the "Black Robe Regiment" by the King of England. He blamed these men of the cloth for America's decision to become free from British tyranny.

Today pastors and churches are called upon again to proclaim the voice of liberty. Our nation is going down a destructive path that leads to the loss of personal freedoms. Civil government secures God given freedoms and freedom of religion. We choose to join our resources for future generations to live successfully and fruitfully under proper civil government.


VISION:  Restoring biblical guidance to civil government

MISSION: To educate, equip, and engage Christian leaders, churches, and culture to restore Judeo-Christian principles our country was founded upon

PURPOSE: Under God and our founding documents, the people rule, to preserve freedom of conscience based upon biblical truth

Core Values of the West Michigan Liberty Pastors

  1. There is one true God (Deuteronomy 6:4-9).

    • We therefore are committed to a biblical worldview.

    • When the American founders referenced the CREATOR they specifically meant the God of Holy Scripture.

  2. The Bible is God's inerrant Word and the final authority on every subject (2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter

  3. Marriage is between a man and a woman. A godly marriage and family are the building blocks of a stable civilization (Genesis 1-2, Mark 10:6-9).

  4. Jesus is Lord and is the only way to have peace with God and receive the gift of eternal life (John 3:16, John 647, John 14:6).

  5. We need godly leaders who understand the culture and know how to bring biblical guidance to it (1 Chronicles 12:32).

  6. The church Jesus is building is the conscience of civil government (Mathew 5:13-14 Mathew 28, Mathew 18-20, 1 Kings 18:21, Genesis 1 :28).

Fundamental Questions That Have Sound Biblical Answers and Historical Clarity

  1. Does the church have the right and/or the responsibility to challenge and reform civil government?

  2. Where does government's conscience come from? Who provides that function?

  3. What kind of America do we wish to leave for future generations?

  4. What will it take to bring America back to its biblical foundational principles?

  5. Were the founding documents influenced by biblical principles?


Crucial Statements of Truth

  1. God gave civil government to man to be a guardrail for human behavior, but the government in and of itself has no conscience. Scripture provides examples of God's people influencing civil government to fulfill its proper function.

  2. We the People of the United States of America are the source of government's legitimacy. Therefore, people must be informed and moral to fulfill this function.

  3. Proper American civil government secures God given individual civil liberties.

  4. If Christians do not get involved with politics, there will be no revival (quote by a famous American Christian revivalist). We cannot abdicate our responsibility like the German pastors and churches in the 1930s. We will courageously embrace these challenges to bring revival in churches and awakening in the culture.

  5. God has historically used anointed Christian leaders to preach the gospel, expose tyranny, and expand legitimate freedoms.


General Action Points for Liberty Pastors

  1. Preach the Gospel fearlessly.

  2. Expose tyranny from the pulpit and underscore violations of citizens Constitutional rights.

  3. Build relationships with community leaders and elected officials.

  4. Connect pastors and Christian leaders for prayer and action.

  5. Get involved with organizations in West Michigan to build powerful relationships.

  6. Show up with overwhelming power and support for businesses, churches, schools, or clinics who are under spiritual attack.

  7. Encourage pastors, Christian leaders, and church members to run for political offices.

  8. Be prepared and available to engage moral and spiritual issues that affect our culture.

  9. Provide leadership for voters and absentee ballot drives

For further information call or write:

Jeff Carlson

OakHill Church

616 617 1052

Phillip Smith

Eternal Word Church

616 375 7369



Cross Fire Church

616 706 3250  


GR Church

616 550 2095


DiscipleHeart Ministries

616 217 6719

Austin T Kreutz

Restoration Christian Community

269 567 8330 


Living Word Muskegon


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