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The Bonhoeffer Forum is a nonprofit ministry of Restoration Christian Community of Allegan. The forum explores issues of Church and Culture. It hosts forums, symposiums, conferences, and seminars. It also hosts a weekly podcast called The Friday Report with Austin Kreutz heard on IHEART and other platforms.


For more than forty years, Austin Kreutz has been teaching life applications from God's word, Natural Law Theory, as well as the United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights and History. As an ordained minister he pastored churches in Michigan and New York as well as teaches internationally.


Austin has spoken at conferences, college campuses, and debates concerning various issues and Christian perspectives. He is well known for his ability to explain complex subjects on a level all can understand. Exposing life issues to scripture, he brings thoughtful insight and guidance through biblical solutions.


He is a graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary and was the director of Albany Area Biblical Counseling. He currently serves as the Pastor at Restoration Christian Community in Allegan Michigan, where he and his wife Monica have resided for the last twelve years. He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, and President of the Bonhoeffer Form for Church and Culture.


 For more information to have Austin speak at one of your events or learn more about the Bonhoeffer Forum go to: or call 269 567 8330. Contributions are welcomed to support this important work and are tax deductible.

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